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vWIN 2017 - Corner from the Future

VWIN is reaching for the world of phlebology in a way no single institution or society can do. The Albaralla Meeting 2017 offers a great opportunity to unite for the big aims of phlebology.

We have to answer lots of crucial questions: How much do we know about the pre-clinical stages of venous disease? What kind of studies should be performed to learn more? Does High-resolution ultrasound provide new information about C0-C1? Do we really want to establish prevention, or are we afraid to lose customers? Why does prevention work so well in dentistry, but not in phlebology? How can today’s endovenous procedures become more precise, faster and cheaper? Compression strategies - where is the news? How can we learn about morphologic and hemodynamic criteria for an improved case selection?

It is my personal background, being the founder of dedicated ‘new method’ vein clinics, forcing me to always look for less invasive, pain-free, comfortable and long-term satisfying methods. Please have a look at our projects to get a glimpse into the future. Many of these methods have already served hundreds or thousands of our patients for years. Nevertheless, looking at the world’s requirements, it’s just a drop in the ocean!

For the vWIN Albarella conference 2017, we provide this ’electronic innovation booth’ to initiate a non-commercial collection of ideas, suggestions or presentations. A non-disclosure agreement will ensure every participant’s rights are preserved. There will be free counseling on how to deal with novelties in respect of patents, studies and company negotiations, by a VENARTIS representative.

Every contribution will be considered for the ‘innovation prize travel grant’ of 1000 USD for the participation in the 2018 UIP meeting in Melbourne (we’ll have a particular innovation/new technology session!), or another meeting promoted by vWIN foundation.

Now, enjoy visiting our website and don’t hesitate to share your ideas!

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About us

I have been working on innovations in venous medicine now for 17 years, together with my teams in Berlin, Munich and Zurich and a growing number of international friends.

My personal bio includes physics, interventional radiology, angiology, phlebology and meanwhile 27 years of clinical experience in interdisciplinary vascular medicine

Award Sponsors

All prizes are offered by the VENARTIS work group, from the private pocket of cooperating physicians.

The committee selecting the innovation award winner includes members of vWIN foundation and VENARTIS work group.


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