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Film compression bandage - a revolution

Textile compression methods are well established for the prevention of venous insufficiency, for people in standing or sitting professions. However, after vein treatments the use of compression stockings class II or III or bandages is uncomfortable. Furthermore, these methods do not sufficiently prevent inflammations, indurations and discolorations after sclerotherapy of large veins. We are trying to find a method which can be worn after endovenous treatments for two or several weeks without even being noticed by the patient.
In a first step we examined bacterial growth in regions covered by film patches (e.g. Tegaderm, Cutiflex, Hydrofilm) without added antimicrobial substance, compared to common compression stockings. After two weeks, film patches showed equal or even less bacterial growth (Ragg, Phlebologie 2014; 43; A).
Now, we are proud to present the first studies on Venartis C-film prototypes. When applied in regions with large superficial varicosities after foam sclerotherapy, an 80% reduction of symptomatic inflammatory reactions will result, compared to medical compression stocking. Few patients will need film compression for 3 - 4 weeks. Conclusion: No more indication for routine phlebectomy.
Currently, before going to manufacture, we are adding evaluations of some films to meet the needs of hot and humid climates (9/2017).

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Photos from Berlin Workshop November 2019

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About us

I have been working on innovations in venous medicine now for 17 years, together with my teams in Berlin, Munich and Zurich and a growing number of international friends.

My personal bio includes physics, interventional radiology, angiology, phlebology and meanwhile 27 years of clinical experience in interdisciplinary vascular medicine

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All prizes are offered by the VENARTIS work group, from the private pocket of cooperating physicians.

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