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ScleroGlue - the next generation of vein gluing

Today’s thermo-occlusive techniques (Laser, RF) and ClariVein® and foam sclerotherapy achieve vein regression in the same way, in a slow process over weeks and months, with inflammatory reactions with local pain in the initial phase. Indurations and discolorations are frequent. Vein gluing could solve the problem, as vein walls will adhere immediately and thus vein size is instantaneously minimized.
Parallel to the first approved vein gluing attempt (VenaSeal®, resin-like, hardly resorbable glue) we developed an alternative gluing technique combining foam sclerotherapy (endothelium denaturation) with pointwise gluing (vein size reduction). First clinical studies indicate superiority to common gluing (less glue, better vein regression, inclusion of perforators and tributaries). However, we would be happier with an effective, truly bioresorbable glue.

Read more (EVF poster prize 2016)

Photos from Berlin Workshop November 2019

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About us

I have been working on innovations in venous medicine now for 17 years, together with my teams in Berlin, Munich and Zurich and a growing number of international friends.

My personal bio includes physics, interventional radiology, angiology, phlebology and meanwhile 27 years of clinical experience in interdisciplinary vascular medicine

Award Sponsors

All prizes are offered by the VENARTIS work group, from the private pocket of cooperating physicians.

The committee selecting the innovation award winner includes members of vWIN foundation and VENARTIS work group.


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