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The term venoplasty relates to methods reducing the diameter of enlarged veins. We are investigating options to achieve temporary or long-term effects by ultrasound-guided perivenous injection of hyaluronan. Dependent on target and purpose, different types (viscosity, durability, cost per ml) of hyaluronan may be applied.
Major indications are:

1) Replacement of tumescent anesthesia

The effect of tumescent fluids will vanish within days and complaints due to regression of re-filled large veins are frequent. When choosing hyaluronan of 6 - 8 weeks half-life, the compression effect will last long enough to provide a symptom-free postintervention period. No more discolorations after Laser/RF. No compression stockings required.

2) Vein diameter corrections during occlusive treatments

Example: when closing a reflexive accessory anterior saphenous vein, the diameter of the common GSV segment will often be large. It’s diameter should be adapted to the flushing rate of GSV and epigastric vein to prevent relapse or thrombosis.
Another application is to temporarily ‘block’ a vein, e.g. to limit sclerofoam propagation.

3) Hemodynamic modifications

By long-lasting perivenous hyaluronan depots, pressure and thus blood volumes of superficial varicosities can be modified, leading to complete disappearance while maintaining a natural flow.


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About us

I have been working on innovations in venous medicine now for 17 years, together with my teams in Berlin, Munich and Zurich and a growing number of international friends.

My personal bio includes physics, interventional radiology, angiology, phlebology and meanwhile 27 years of clinical experience in interdisciplinary vascular medicine

Award Sponsors

All prizes are offered by the VENARTIS work group, from the private pocket of cooperating physicians.

The committee selecting the innovation award winner includes members of vWIN foundation and VENARTIS work group.


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