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The Berlin Workshop of Future Phlebology 2018, Oct 6th–7th

Referencing the excellent example set by EVF HOW, our mission statement is "Education and hands-on practice for the benefit of patients with venous disease.” In addition to providing understanding of practical management of venous disease and hands-on training of modern procedures we go one step further and include the newest discoveries, offering a glimpse into the future, with lots of ‘take-home-experiences’ to improve daily practice.

Early stage detection of venous disease, high resolution vein valve analysis, vein preserving strategies like hyaluronan valvuloplasty and novel painless endovenous modalities are some of our favorite topics.

In a very pleasant venue (angioclinic vein center Berlin), limited to 20 applicants in 4 groups, we share real hands-on training in real clinical situations and real patients. Patients treated on day 1 are revisited on day 2 for a realistic and instructive review.

Some of the highlights:

  • Ultrasound training (3 – 18 Mhz, opt. 24 - 32 MHz): How to detect not only the source of reflux, but the source of disease
  • Vein treatments including hyaluronan, lasers, microwave, radiofrequency, steam, different kinds of glue and microfoams, including
    Biomatrix sclerofoam
  • Immediate-effect foam sclerotherapy
  • Non-tumescent lasers
  • Estetic modalities like LOVE and CLaCS
  • New compression modalities: Film compression bandage, excentric silicone bandage, perivenous hyaluronan compression
  • Strategies for different budgets, different patients, different countries

The faculty consists of angioclinic experts Chris Ragg, Oana Despa and invited international guests such as Jean-Francois Uhl, Miguel Lo Vuolo, Sergio Gianesini, Kasuo Miyake, Uldis Maurins, Ashkan Haghshenas, Petar Dragic and many others.

The cost for the 2-day workshop is 1,200 euros. This includes workshop fees, materials, meals and the evening program on Saturday.

All workshop profits will go to non-profit, scientific purposes like free publication support for young researchers.

All participants for one of the three ‘Venartis 2018 Phlebology Innovation Awards’ can apply for one of the two scholarships for ‘The Berlin Workshop of Future Phlebology’. You can find more information here.



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About us

I have been working on innovations in venous medicine now for 17 years, together with my teams in Berlin, Munich and Zurich and a growing number of international friends.

My personal bio includes physics, interventional radiology, angiology, phlebology and meanwhile 27 years of clinical experience in interdisciplinary vascular medicine

Award Sponsors

All prizes are offered by the VENARTIS work group, from the private pocket of cooperating physicians.

The committee selecting the innovation award winner includes members of vWIN foundation and VENARTIS work group.


Work Group Dr. Ragg

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